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Our firm has been in continuous practice since 1920.  The firm's founder, Harold Macklin (1885-1948), was educated in the cathedral schools of Salisbury, England and in the Architectural School of London before coming to the United States.  Mr. Macklin was a prominent local architect who designed many buildings, including the YMCA on Spruce Street in 1927, the Winston-Salem Journal-Sentinel Building, the Chatham Block, and, as Associate Architect,  St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


Upon Mr. Macklin's death in 1946  Gorrell Stinson assumed leadership and developed the firm into one of the most prominent design associations in North Carolina.  The company was among the five largest architectural firms in the state and had a fully integrated staff of architects and engineers.  Mineral Springs High School and Carver High School, both in Forsyth County, were designed and constructed in the 1940's under Stinson's administration.  Large high schools were also designed for Stokes County, Yadkin County, and Eden City Schools.


Don Hines, Lamar Northup, and Tan F. Ersoy, all long time employees, led the firm beginning in the early 1970's. After several years as a large firm, the partners of Hines Northup Ersoy determined that they were becoming too involved in administration and wanted to return to "working on the board" and participating completely in the design process.  The partners elected to separate the engineering operation as a distinct organization and gradually reduce the architectural staff to include only key personnel,, either registered architects or those working toward registration.  These changes proved to be very beneficial, allowing much closer architect/owner relationships and generating one of the firm's most prestigious projects, the Career Education Center and Administrative Building for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.  This was the largest secondary education building in the state and became an example for educators everywhere.  By 1995, Mr. Hines and Mr. Northup had retired, leaving Mr. Ersoy as the sole Principal and Owner of the Firm, named Ersoy & Associates, P.A.


Under the leadership of Tan F. Ersoy, the Firm’s heritage, traditions, and philosophy continued to prosper and grow.  During Mr. Ersoy’ tenure, the Firm work expanded to include Adaptive Reuse Projects.  Notable Projects under Mr. Ersoy were the Forsyth County Government Center Adaptive Reuse Project; the Winston-Salem City Hall Renovation & Restoration Project; RJR High School Classroom Building and Auditorium Building Renovation & Restoration Projects; Atkins Middle School Additions, Renovation & Restoration Project; Old Town Elementary School Additions, Reconstruction, Renovation & Restoration Project.


In 1992 and 1996 respectively, Bill Brake and David Appleyard, Jr. joined the Firm and became partners in 2006 with Bill Brake concentrating on the Educational Facilities side of the Practice and David Appleyard concentrating on the Higher Education/State Project side of the Practice.

St. Pauls Episcopal Church


St. Pauls Episcopal Church


St. Pauls Episcopal Church


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